About Us

Striking the balance between having an adventure and enjoying your holiday is an art.


You want to see a few sights, but you also want to get off the beaten track.
You want to experience local life, but you’d kill for a sunset pina colada.
You need to keep to your budget, but dammit that hipster lighting looks so nice.

Sound familiar? That’s us too.

We are a 30 something couple who are based in West London. He’s an unconventional Brit (aye, with Scottish roots) and she’s an Aussie-Tongan-Brit (with Irish and Scottish roots at that). He comes up with a lot of ideas and she does most of the blogging, but we plan and enjoy all of our travels together. We love good food, cocktails and interesting beers. We love motorbikes, hiking and snorkelling but hey, we’re no athletes either. For us, a holiday isn’t a holiday without a good brunch, coffee and a chat. Oh and our travelling game of choice is Bananagrams! We love learning about different cultures and try to visit our local friends all over the world. We try to stay simple, humble and appreciative.

That said, we both know how soul destroying it can be, when the future of your next adventure feels like it’s reliant on aggregate websites who all too often miss the real gems.

We research our trips by talking to friends, locals and especially by reading  other travel blogs. So here’s our two bob worth of travel tips and experiences, for your travelling pleasure.