Camping, I mean, “Glamping” in Sussex

Camping in the English summertime is a real treat. There are so many awesome camping websites that can help you find what you’re looking for. We really love back to basic camping. We’ve even camped in the Okavango Delta, with wild lions and hyenas and no fences!

However, when one happens to be in England, and on special occasions, there is nothing wrong with taking your camping up a notch to glamping.  Sadly, when it comes to glamping, there’s a lot of airy-fairy-yurt stuff (with a hefty price tag) that goes along with some ‘glamping’ sites. In our opinion, the whole point of camping is to be outdoors and that shouldn’t carry a crazy huge price tag.

Well, we found a site a few years back that fits the bill perfectly. It’s so good that we try to go there yearly. As I type now, I wonder, should I really be giving this link out to the world? Well, share the love we say! Here it is: Dernwood Farm. Now keep it to yourselves!

Billede 11-08-2017 20.06.09_preview

The Safari tent pictured above has 3 rooms and a pull out sofa which sleeps 7, 8 at a squeeze. It’s fully kitted out with a wood burning stove, hot water, a family size cool box, composting bathroom out the back and few solar powered lamps. The outdoor firepit is the business, and the private woodland that it is situated in will have you enchanted. No electricity thank goodness! Other than the occasional trip to the local for cold beers and ice, there isn’t any reason to leave.


Just a short (mariachi style) walk away is a little Wagon where the newly married couples can stay.


The cute wagon even has its own private hot tub, heated by fire of course. You can soak away city and watch the stars above. Or listen to our friend Tito play guitar.


We went to a nearby Tottingworth Farm to collect a whole lamb, which we were determined to spit roast. The lamb was taken from this farm below. It looks like they had a happy life!


Lamb preparations started early in the day, with everyone pitching in. We basted the whole lamb in rosemary, garlic, lemons, salt and olive oil.


I have no idea what our friend is doing here, but apparently she is helping.DSCF2105_preview

The lamb was rotated by hand on a birch branch that we scraped and prepared the day before. We actually collected the birch branch from Richmond Park as we didn’t want to harm the coppice that Dernwood Farm cares for.

Billede 12-08-2017 19.53.58_preview

The girls lovingly wrapped lots of veggies in foil with foraged herbs and butter. YUM!

Billede 12-08-2017 19.53.17_preview

Needless to say, it was absolutely delicious. The farm dog also thought the birch branch it was cooked on was delicious.


Late night sing-a-longs, wood fires and whisky. What a winning combination.


Waking up to woodland, singing friends and eggs with avocado and bacon. Awful.


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